About TMG

Our Beginnings

TMG was founded in 1987 by Bob and Gregg Talley.  Over the years TMG has grown from that family venture into an industry leading Association Management Company with over 60 staff, two locations, and over 25 Full Service Association Management Clients.

From the very beginning, TMG’s first priority has been to deliver the highest quality of service to our clients.  As a company we truly believe that our success only comes after our client’s success.  That priority remains the same after nearly 30 years and serving hundreds of Association and Non-Profit Societies.

Our Mission

Creating stronger communities and human connections to enhance global society.

TMG Core Values

  • Build Strong Connections
  • Communicate Proactively
  • Continue to learn and share our knowledge
  • Demonstrate integrity by doing what’s right
  • Approach each task with innovation and an open mind
  • Support an environment where professional and personal goals are shared, encouraged, and achieved
  • Serve with passion and pride

Our History

Since our founding by Bob and Gregg Talley in 1987, TMG has been a family run company. What started as a small joint venture in their spare bedrooms has grown into an internationally recognized firm with 2 locations and over 65 full-time staff.

1987- Bob and Gregg Talley founded Talley Management Group, Inc.
1995- The schoolhouse at 19 Mantua Rd. was purchased and renovations to our 1925 treasure began.
1997- Rapid growth prompted a large extension be added to building. We doubled our size!
2001- TMG becomes an AMC Institute Accredited Firm.
2006- TMG opens its second location in Alexandria VA.
2008- TMG begins managing the Convention Industry Council (CIC) and the Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) designation.
2011- Gregg Talley receives PCMA Lifetime Achievement Award
2012- TMG celebrates its 25 Year Anniversary.