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Talley Management Group (TMG), one of the premier association and event management companies, is the latest to join the Experient strategic partner network.

Through this partnership, Experient clients will enjoy greater access to an impressive array of business optimization services, including comprehensive financial management, database management, membership growth strategies and business/administrative support.

In light of today’s fast-changing business environment, TMG has often been tapped to help associations with strategic visioning—essentially, helping organizations to identify the changes needed to ensure a prosperous and vibrant future.

To help you get better acquainted with TMG, we posed a few questions to Gregg Talley, President and CEO at Talley Management Group.



Experient: Talley Management Group has been serving the association industry for 29 years. Tell us more about how your organization has evolved through the years.

Talley: We started out primarily serving the Healthcare industry and that still remains the majority of our business. But we have also expanded into a range of other industries, like finance, technology, construction, and education. We’ve found that regardless of the industry, many of the challenges associations face are exactly the same.

TMG has been fortunate to enable consistent organic growth in our long-term client base, while judiciously adding new clients for whom we can make a difference. At the same time, our consulting and outsourcing business has boomed.

Experient: How will Experient clients benefit from this partnership?

Talley: We think there are any number of ways that Experient clients can benefit from our new partnership. Our 29 years of experience with a tremendous range of professional societies, trade associations and federations at the state, national and international levels, combined with our active engagement and leadership in the association management field, allows us to bring unique perspective and expertise in identifying root issues and offering a range of proven solutions.

We can help an organization think about and focus on the big questions of vision, mission and strategy, as well as the tactical issues of execution.


Consulting in all areas of association management or program reviews enables that expert advice to be applied to a specific challenge. Many times, a well-facilitated dialogue can result in breakthroughs and new ideas that help an organization or its leadership deal with longstanding, difficult issues.

We also can help an organization think about and focus on the big questions of vision, mission and strategy, as well as the tactical issues of execution. This can be a formal planning process or a discreet issue analysis.

Our expertise in non-profit finance and accounting is another area of benefit to clients. We offer everything from CFO-level guidance to day-to-day financial management and reporting.

Another key area that almost every association is struggling with is technology. We understand the trends in association IT, the platforms, applications and integration required to maximize efficiency and optimize investment for today and prepare for the future. We have relationships with all the major vendors and providers to the field of not-for-profit management. Lastly, for some clients, the full-service association management might represent the best model for future management.

Experient: Why Experient? What appealed to you most about this partnership?

Talley: There were several key points that appealed to us. First and foremost, the vision, culture and integrity that is driven in every organization from the top. I have known David Peckinpaugh (President, Maritz Travel Company) for most of his career, as well as most of the senior management team at Experient. The opportunity to align with excellence and with a team I respect was compelling.

Secondly, we share a longtime, family-oriented culture of service to our clients in helping them achieve their objectives—and to our communities through active CSR initiatives.

Lastly, we share a vision for the future of a more global, connected, experientially-driven world of business events, face-to-face meetings and conventions, and enlivened civil society through dynamic not-for-profit organizations.

Experient: What prompts an organization to explore bringing in an AMC?

Talley: Well, the drive for outside expertise is well established. It’s about competency, it’s about knowledge and it’s about trust.

Whether that’s consulting, outsourcing, or a change in the management model – Association leadership, either staff or volunteers, are looking for solutions to management issues, so they can focus on the unique content knowledge transfer that their organization and memberships represent or the key actions they are to deliver for their stakeholders.

Experient: As digital advances, nearly every industry is encountering disruption. Strategies that worked for years aren’t delivering the same results. In what ways are associations being disrupted by digital?

[Digital] enhances the ability of an association to gather, contextualize information, and deliver it to members and customers how and when they want it – much cheaper and quicker than ever before.


Talley: Yes, this is HUGE for organizations today and a unique challenge for associations. Historically, they were the best source of industry or professional information and education in a given field. Today, with the internet of everything delivered to the palm of your hand, much of that information is available free on the web.

By the same token, that same technology enhances the ability of an association to gather, contextualize the information, and deliver it to members and customers how and when they want it—much cheaper and quicker than ever before. But that demands that you understand your members’ wants and needs—and then execute exceptionally, well within the speed and technology that today’s “Internetizen” expects. So definitely the double-edged sword of challenges and opportunities!

Experient: Scanning 3-5 years out, how will associations change? What new challenges will association executives need to conquer to ensure a prosperous future?

Talley: Associations are going to have to change to remain relevant to their constituencies, who themselves are changing ever more rapidly, in terms of their needs and expectations. This will also demand that they get better at telling their story, connecting with members and customers globally, and aligning with key partners to get more done and accomplish bigger goals.

This will demand remarkable clarity on vision and mission, more enlightened and effective Board and staff leadership, and enhanced excellence in execution at all levels. These are exciting times and we look forward with this partnership to help our clients thrive in this environment.



Are you interested in learning more about how TMG might help your organization? Tell us more about your situation.


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