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Join our team for our upcoming Summer Webinar Series!

The Evolution of Your Strategic Plan

August 19, 2020

A strategic plan provides a road map for the association. During times like these, a plan is something you cannot go without. Now it the time to revisit, reevaluate and possibly even reorganize your current strategic plan. Change can be overwhelming but when you have the right tools and right people guiding you along the way, your plan will lead your organization forward, whatever the surrounding environment may be.


Finance and Accounting: How to Budget and Plan During Uncertain Financial Times

September 9, 2020 – 12pm EST

There is no association that has not been touched financially over the past few months.  Every staff, board and finance committee is being asked to review the existing budget and see how the changes in the world will impact their financial outlook.  Whether it is membership revenue, your annual meetings or any other income or expense on your financial statement every association needs to review the current situation and project where their year will end financially as well as what adjustments will need to be made to future budgets.  Join the Talley Management Group lead accountants as they share tips, tricks and best practices.


Communicating Through a Crisis

September 23, 2020 – 12pm EST

Crisis communications has gone from an occasionally mentioned discussion point to now a trending topic. For marketing and communications (marcomm) professionals, having a crisis communication plan in place is a must – but what if you don’t have a marcomm professional on your team to make one? This session presented by Talley Management Group, Inc. Director of Marcomm Lauren Schoener-Gaynor, provides the top “must-haves” of your crisis communication plan and most importantly, how to effectively and efficiently communicate it to your audiences.


Technology and Software: Utilizing Technology to Manage Membership and Increase Engagement

October 7, 2020 – 12pm EST

Managing technology to the benefit of the association and the members is critical.  We all depend on technology to manage our membership and prospective members information, register for events, allow for social interaction of our members, create our branding through a website and social media and to let people know who we are, what we are offering and how we can help our various stakeholders.  Attend and learn about a variety of software options and take away best practices on member engagement.