What is an AMC

The Benefits of an AMC

An Association Management Company (AMC) provides professional services specialized for nonprofit, volunteer associations. An AMC provides associations with a range of services including professional staff, office space, administrative support, technology, equipment, and other services that are essential for an association to function. AMC staff, acting as the association’s staff, work directly with volunteer leaders.

The AMC model allows all services to be customized to meet specific goals. Whether your nonprofit is in the market for full-service management or specific services — strategic planning, membership development, communications, and more — AMCs leverage shared resources across multiple association clients to increase means and capabilities, including membership, marketing, finance, etc.

Many AMCs serve as an organization’s headquarters, providing an experienced executive to work with a customized blend of other AMC staff resources. This includes managing day-to-day operations supporting members and becoming the public face of the organization, all with staff members who are experts in the critical areas of association management and operations that are essential for success. With years of experience in a nonprofit environment, AMCs lend strategic focus and put proven practices to work; and, of special importance in this economy, retaining an AMC can lead to enhanced buying power, improved staff efficiency, and reduced overhead costs.

AMCs are the right solution for thousands of associations, professional societies, and nonprofits. Consider the benefits many organizations managed by AMC-member firms receive each year as compared to organizations with hired staff, leased or owned office space, and other capital expenses.


Operational and Staffing Benefits

  • Staffing and services customized to meet each individual organization’s needs.
  • A broad spectrum of expertise covering all the disciplines required to run an effective association.
  • Day-to-day and ongoing staff management, alleviating administrative headaches often faced by association Boards of Directors.
  • Improved staffing and resource allocation, giving each association access to specialized resources – just what you need when you need it.
  • Proven best management practices and best-of-class resources and technologies.

Financial/Business Benefits

  • Efficiency derived from leveraging shared resources, including office space, equipment, and technologies.
  • Improved buying power since purchases can be leveraged across multiple clients.
  • Reduced business risks because an AMC takes on many of the insurance liabilities associated with operating an association.

Long-Term Benefits

  • Greater member satisfaction resulting from the professionalism and responsiveness of staff who understand the importance of placing members first.
  • Freedom from daily operations that allows Boards to maintain their focus on mission and strategy.
  • Integration of innovative strategies and ideas, stemming from the input and experience AMCs gain from working with multiple industry and professional organizations.
  • Scalability to accommodate organizational growth or contraction over time.

*This information is courtesy of the AMC Institute. Learn more about the AMC Model by visiting the Association Management Company Institute.