A focus on advancing our client partners

Posted by Joseph Sapp on November 8, 2019 4:13:07 PM

As it happens every two weeks, I got a notification that one of my team members 15Five was ready for me to review. For those that are not familiar with 15Five, it is a continuous performance management tool. Our team spends 15 minutes every two weeks developing a report of their priorities, what they have worked on and answering questions about how they are doing amongst other things. Our managers then spend 5 minutes reviewing the submissions and using those to guide performance through one on one meetings.

In today’s 15Five from Sam Kim – an administrative assistant who works across several clients made a truly refreshing comment. Her comment was, “I decided to start my day off with the question to myself “What can I do for my client(s) today that hasn’t made progress towards completion? It helps me think about all the moving parts and how I can push them forward.”

How great is that mindset? I often catch myself in the same trap of thinking if I can whittle down my email, I will have had a great workday. But is email work? Sure, we must respond to certain things, and we have a customer service component. But how much of that is moving our clients forward? I know, we all do not have the luxury of turning off email for days on end. However, being able to get some perspective from time to time on how we are advancing our clients and understanding all the moving parts can be truly impactful.

Sam’s ability to ask that of herself and take a moment to think about the moving parts of all her clients, where she fits in, and how she is going to set out to make an impact today is refreshing. That attitude and view can have a tremendous impact on other areas and others on her team as well. Sure, days are going to come where you are bogged down with customer service issues or meetings that are stacked up all day long. But taking that time to look at where I can make that next impact on a project that is going to move it forward today is impactful. Even if it’s just moving the needle a bit – it still moving it forward.

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