All A-board! Who does What?

Posted by TMG on October 9, 2017 10:01:00 AM

An Overview of the Roles of a Board of Directors, Chief Executive and Staff
A board of directors is a critical component of any organization, and we’re doing a series of articles exploring the board, its responsibilities as well as how it collaborates with other key people, such as a chief executive and staff. It’s important that everyone in an organization gets clear about each entity’s role and responsibilities, so our first article in the series, naturally, starts with the basics—who does what?
Nobody can dispute the importance of an association’s board of directors, which is responsible for the overall direction and financial health of an organization. What can be up for debate is to what extent your board is involved in the day-to-day matters of your organization, and what, if any, direction should be taken from them. If you and your staff are stuck, you aren’t alone. Navigating between staff members, the chief executive and the board is not always easy.
Let’s start with the key responsibilities of any board of directors:
Protecting an association’s overall mission, and ensuring that this mission is honored in all that the association does.
Surveying the association’s overall activities and financial health.
Making sure the association is outfitted with the funds, staff and other elements to fulfill its mission.
How is your Board lining up?  Does the key responsibilities sound like something your board understands?

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