Bugging out in August

Posted by TMG on August 22, 2017 2:24:00 PM

This month was an exciting one here at Talley, we had our annual Bug Out event that we hosted at our headquarters this year. Many employees brought family members to share in on the fun, which included food trucks, the moon bounce, hula hoop contests and all-around fun. Thank you to Ashley Duffy for organizing and Gregg Talley for hosting another fantastic family friendly event where the Talley team was able to come together and enjoy the summer fun. We were even able to raise money for ASPCA during the event from our employees, and we will continue to do so throughout August in the office.

TMG Bug Out 2017
From left to Right: Joseph Sapp, Charles Sapp, Mary Ruth Talley, Gregg Talley, Heather Seasholtz, Diann Furfaro
We welcomed Diversity Training this month, in which our newly renovated training facility has once again come in handy, and we learned a lot about each other and that our diversity is our strength. Check out our last blog post on Diversity training. http://hub.talley.com/blog/embracing-diversity
We had a talented bunch of team members head to ASAE 2017 In Toronto, Canada for the annual ASAE conference, where they learned the latest in the association and meeting world. We finally welcomed Chris Kelley, Executive Director of the American Headache Society into the office after his move from California. Welcome to the office Chris!
To round out August, we had a mini Solar Eclipse viewing party, snacks and glasses included, while we weren’t in the direct path of the moon, we were able to see about 75% covered and we loved witnessing it together in our new garden area!
Speaking of, the TMG Garden has been shaping up! Our boxes are built, the dirt is in, the gravel is down and we even put plants in our side planters. We added nice storage seating that is perfect for our garden and team members, and we are brainstorming now what types of produce we would like to plant for the fall in our large produce box. Have good fall suggestions? Please let us know!

Where are our teams this month?
International Federation of Fertility Societies – Montevideo, Uruguay
Headache Cooperative of the Pacific – Laguna Beach, California
SAVE International – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Federal Laboratory Consortium – Cincinnati, Ohio
Vancouver, Canada
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Bangkok, Thailand
London, United Kingdom

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