CAE Exam Prep from the TMG Team

Posted by TMG on November 7, 2018 3:57:00 PM

Today marks exactly one month until the December Certified Account Executive (CAE) designation exam.

Executive Director Melissa Baldwin, CAE, earned her CAE designation in 2010 after being in the association management industry for 10 years at the time. As a part of Talley Management Group’s “CAE Blog” series, Melissa offered her personal background and what led up to her receiving her designation as well as how it has shaped her career.

After being in the association management industry for over 10 years, I felt that I had the experience and knowledge to become certified. I had seen the recognition my peers had received and how it was revered within the industry and knew that it was time to pursue my own designation.

Having the designation has greatly impacted my career. Not only does it show my commitment to my continuing association management knowledge and education, but also sets me apart within the AMC industry. Outside of my colleagues, my current and potential client partners can easily identify that I am dedicated to always seeking education and resources that help me serve them better.

For those preparing for the exam, I highly recommend participating in the study course and resources offered by ASAE. If you have colleagues that you can study with, it’s always great to do so. With my group, we talked through the various sections and topics that were going to be on the exam. Each of us had strengths in the varying topics and subject areas and we were able to help one another. I took the opportunity to take the practice exam as well and that allowed me to become familiar with not only the type of questions that were going to be asked, but also the subject areas they focused on and how they were expected to be answered. Of course, it’s also great to speak with someone who has recently taken the exam. While the same exact questions won’t be on each exam, they can offer insight and recommendations that you can put to use when studying.

As an advocate for continuing education and professional development, TMG supports its clients’ missions by remaining aware of emerging best practices. To make sure that the TMG team is able to deliver the highest level of service, more than half of the team has active involvement within the association management industry’s professional societies and trade associations, globally, nationally and locally.

Ready to take the exam? Want to learn more about the requirements needed to sit for the test? ASAE offers deadlines, prerequisites, testing dates and times in addition to other valuable information related to the CAE designation exam. Best of luck!

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