Delivering Great Customer Service All Year Round

Posted by TMG on October 2, 2018 2:14:00 PM

Customer service is a very large part of the Talley Management Group’s business philosophy-our team members follow our Core Values, serving with passion and pride. In acknowledgment of “Customer Service Appreciation Week,” TMG team members offer some of the ways they provide our client partners with the best customer service possible, every day, all year round.

  • I often offer an “I’m happy to jump on a call to sort this out if that is easier for you.”
  • Ask for feedback every step of the way to improve what we offer such as “How was that process for you?” or “Was that call helpful?”
  • Respond to calls and emails within 24-48 hours if possible, even if the return call or email simply says, “I don’t have the answer to this right now, but my team and I are working on it,” it’s better than to not answer at all. Stick with the member until their question or issue, large or small, is resolved, even it is being handled by another member of your team, it’s nice to follow-up and ask if all of their needs were met.
  • If you will be on vacation or offsite for a client meeting or event, make sure to have an out of office greeting on both your phone and email with contact information of another staff member that can help in your absence.
  • When onsite at a meeting, we organize and partake in offsite events. Our day doesn’t end when the registration booth closes, we often dine and experience the area/ location along with our attendees. It is important for members to see us in an informal setting, too!
  • Make sure that you have clear communication skills, especially when working with global client partners and members and always, always, always listen. Keep communication open, especially about the status of projects or tasks.
  • Work through some U.S. holidays for international clients, even if it’s just jumping on a call or answering a few emails, especially if it is a holiday that is not familiar to those who are outside of the U.S.
  • Be available for conference calls after normal working hours, accommodating international client’s time zone, recognizing and respecting our volunteers’ time by being flexible with team member availability.
  • Build personal connections with our members, so that we can better communicate to them and help them achieve their goals within their association and career.
  • Go above and beyond- I want to surprise the client by exceeding expectations. For example, A chair of one of the committees needed to submit an agenda. Instead of just reminding them, I made a rough outline to help get them started. This can significantly increase their loyalty to your team and the association.
  • Don’t take things personally-easier said than done, yes, but chances are they are not upset about something I have specifically done. I thank them for taking the time to give me their feedback and assure them that I will pass on the information while using words of sympathy, expressing that I can understand why what has happened would frustrate/annoy/anger them.

Happy Customer Service Appreciation Week to all of those who provide great customer service on a daily basis!

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