Embracing Diversity

Posted by TMG on August 10, 2017 1:05:00 PM

Recently TMG had an all staff training session that focused on Diversity.  Each day we work with a diverse set of client-partners who embrace diversity in their membership and leadership, as a company we embrace those same values.  We recognize that diversity makes us stronger. Differing viewpoints, different experiences are all things that make each of us unique and what makes us stronger as a whole.

The session truly brought out the best in our team.  The TMG team was open, honest and provided real life experiences to improve the outcome of the session.  As the day progressed a common theme emerged.  Our team is thoughtful, caring and believes we should go farther than just tolerance.  We strive to embrace the differences between each other and to understand these differences are what makes us stronger as a company.
Whether it is visible diversity or something internal that may not be evident, our teams worked to learn what impact we have when we are not sensitive to these issues.  Another key component of the meeting was addressing differences through communication.  Role playing was done to have conversations to address an issue if someone was offended.  This is a whole other area of training TMG has planned in the future around having difficult conversations and conflict resolution.
I know we are all looking forward to more training and education around diversity.  We continue to embrace the need for diversity on our teams and the client-partners whom we work with.  How are you and your teams addressing diversity?

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