Getting the Band Back Together

Posted by Lauren Schoener-Gaynor on May 28, 2021 8:08:31 PM

Okay, so we don’t have a band, but we are getting our team back together and since we travel, meet, practice, and work together, we’re pretty much a band.

This last year has been a challenging one. Our team, our client-partners, and our families have all looked to adjust to a “new usual” in the COVID-19 Pandemic. That meant working from home and virtual events and while it meant being away from our team, we were lucky enough to engage virtually by utilizing Teams and Zoom.

This successful adaptation is reflective of TMG’s thought that virtual engagement is a core piece of what we do and how we serve our client partners. With diverse association partners and global members, TMG has always collaborated through technology.

As we see COVID-19 cases begin to fall and vaccination rates increase, we are excited to bring our team back together. This week the state of New Jersey announced the easing of masking restrictions for indoors. The recovery from the Pandemic will undoubtedly continue, as will work to address variants of the virus and those will no doubt play a role in how we return to in-person events and our offices.

Thanks to these positive steps forward, we are excited to bring our team back together in the TMG NJ office. As a company, we adjusted well to work from home and see the benefit of flexibility for our teams. We also know the impact of having our teams face-to-face and what that means for our culture. We are eager to implement a new hybrid work structure within TMG. This new structure will allow our teams the flexibility to continue working from home for most days, while also getting back to meeting together in the office and continuing some of the critical office operations of our client partners.

As an organization, being together as a team and collaboration is part of our DNA. Our culture, built over more than 33 years, is about teamwork. We look forward to this next step in our evolution while building upon what we learned in the last year as we implemented crisis operations in the Pandemic’s wake. By knowing the toll this Pandemic has had on individuals, industries, and the many lives lost – we are moving forward as a stronger company because of it.

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