How to Improve Your Member Retention

Posted by TMG on January 3, 2018 8:45:00 AM

For those associations who have a calendar based membership, you are facing down another member retention campaign. Why do we do this to ourselves? The end of the year always means fighting with holiday budgets, time out of the office and lots of other things grabbing the attention of our members. While we all desire a more diverse revenue structure, like one that is not reliant on the up and downs of membership dues revenue, most associations are dependent on dues revenue. It is important to have a retention plan in place that protects that revenue stream. While success can be dependent on how you engage with your members throughout the year and how you are delivering on your mission, you can take steps right now to improve your member retention rates. Make it EasyCompetition for the attention of our members increases every year. Make it easy for members to interact with your association. Make the process easy for them to renew and make it clear when you communicate renewal information about how they can renew. You should also make sure your customer service team is aware of those pathways as well, so they can help anyone that has trouble. Map it OutMap out your outreach plan of time. Make note of how and when you are reaching out to members. You should have this mapped out and laid across any other outreach efforts going on, so you know avoid information overload. Cross-PromoteDo you have other touch points with your members as you near renewal time? Put hints and reminders wherever you can. Create a banner that goes into the newsletter or Annual Meeting Save-the-Date. Most importantly, get social about it. Create custom banners that renewed members can put on their social media accounts, so others see it and want to renew so they are not left out. Pick Up the PhoneI know, time and resources. If you have it, pick up the phone. Members love hearing from you and a phone call shows you care about their membership. Engage a committee to help with a short, defined ask to make X amount of phone calls this month. A micro-volunteer opportunity like this is a great way to get new volunteers involved and not burning them out. Already doing some of these? Great! Not there yet? Try a few of these out and see if you can measure a return on your effort. Every association is different and have different needs when it comes to membership retention and recruitment. Through the course of the year TMG manages the membership of 19+ different associations and thousands of members. Our teams take a strategic, time tested approach, but leave room for innovating and finding out what strategies work best for each association. To learn more about our approach and if TMG is the right fit for your association, click here.

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