It’s Nice to See You Again

Posted by TMG on January 8, 2019 9:58:00 AM

When many companies find themselves having to focus on staff turnover and filling vacant positions, Talley Management Group finds itself welcoming some of its former staff back.

Over the past several years, TMG has welcomed several individuals back to the company after spending time growing professionally at other organizations. With the latest individual to return to TMG, that number is at five. Some were gone for 15 years, some for two or three.

I am extremely proud of the type of work environment that TMG has. One that is inclusive, welcoming and that pushes our team to achieve their best. We have worked hard over the years to provide everyone with a place where they can grow professionally, and yes, sometimes they find an opportunity elsewhere. As a company, we hold fast to our core values, actively “supporting an environment where professional and personal goals are shared, encouraged and achieved.”

It is my belief that every member of our team knows the importance of that Core Value and that TMG has their professional development top of mind, understanding that their decisions need to be made based on what is best for them – even if that means finding and taking advantage of a new opportunity. This philosophy that in my opinion, is also what brings people back. – knowing that TMG is a place they would always be welcomed back to.

As continue to welcome former team members back to our family, we look forward to continued growth, of our team, our client partners and of TMG.

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