Living our Core Values: Supporting an environment where professional and personal goals are shared, encouraged, and achieved

Posted by TMG on March 1, 2013 2:52:00 AM

The importance of having a great work environment that supports development and goals is a good aspiration for any company. It can be challenging to create a culture where individuals are actively engaged and meeting goals. It has to be something every staff member embraces and the key is creating a work environment that inspires passion without asking for it. If we are truly living our core values then engagement/passion and motivation are a byproduct, but it still takes work! Naturally, we want our teams vested in TMG and our clients to succeed– so how do we provide each individual an opportunity to be their best self?

One way we’ve tried to inspire our team was to embark on a large project last year to redefine our talent management structure. After implementing the Rockefeller Habits throughout TMG, we then added an extensive Talent Management System. We found that our existing approach was not enough to really drive an environment focused on helping our team members achieve goals. We needed an easier way to organize and align goals as well as track what growth opportunities were available.  Another key element was getting a routine down for the meaningful, focused conversations that define where we are, where we want to be and make us much more open and transparent.

Change is never easy, but the new TMS gives our staff direct web access to several resources. We not only track the skills needed for each position within TMG and the needs of clients, but can offer guidance and access to several online education opportunities. Everything from transcripts, curriculums and certifications can be managed and viewed by both the team member and supervisor. There is a dynamic online Knowledge Bank to share best practices, research and discuss common topics across all of our teams. Additionally there is an extensive performance management area to create, track and report Goals along with Tasks and Targets. Finally, a one-stop resource to help us ensure out team members have access to opportunities that mean the most to them. It’s still new, but very promising and full of possibilities.

We are living our Core Value to Support an environment where professional and personal goals are shared, encouraged, and achieved. Not only do our clients benefit but our team does too. We’re not done yet, but each day strive to maintain a place where we LOVE to work and that makes me inspired, engaged and proud.

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