Posted by TMG on November 15, 2013 3:08:00 AM

At the recent Community Conference of the Association Management Company Institute held in conjunction with ASAE, we had a great session with James Kane. He offered some great insights for any of us working with customers.
His main point is that loyalty is built on Trust, a sense of Belonging and shared Purpose.
Trust is focused around competency, character, capacity and consistency and this is EXPECTED by the clients who are with you or those looking to do business with you. You get no “credit” for providing this as it is assumed as part of the quid pro quo of the relationship. By itself this doesn’t build loyalty, only when its combined with the other two.
Belonging consists of a) how much you understand, recognize and convey the unique individuality of each client; b) Insight, how you can see and deliver around what they really care about; c) Pro-activity, how you solve their problems which they didn’t expect; d) Inclusion, the sense of openness and participation with them; and, e) Identity, that you share things about yourself and your team in a way that builds connections between you.
Purpose is the shared Vision, Fellowship and Commitment to their objectives. How do you demonstrate that and how often do you do it?
Combining these elements of Trust, Belonging and Purpose will build loyal customers forever.
How do we deliver that as individuals in our personal and professional lives says a lot about who you are, what type of company you are and how long you will be around. Think about it!

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