Maintaining Sustainability

Posted by TMG on March 5, 2019 2:24:00 PM

Part of every company’s business plan includes an overview of its sustainability, both financially and environmentally, including where those two elements impact each other. Over the past few years, TMG has taken several steps to improve our sustainability in the office. These efforts not only impact the culture and morale in the office but also improve our global footprint within our community. We’ve compiled our top three ways we’re becoming “greener,” making it easy for anyone to partake in our programs!

Start a Company Garden

Two years ago, we built a new garden that surrounds an outdoor sitting area where staff utilize during the warmer months, whether it be to eat lunch, have a different location for a team meeting or just to catch a few moments to unwind. The garden has several components that are important. First, a large food bed was created so that our team can grow and enjoy their own produce. The other planter areas include flowers and most importantly local native plants. This is great for the environment and creates habitats for our local birds and insects.

Last season, we began using a compost bin, helping to reduce our waste. Later this spring, we will be building rain barrels to reduce the amount of water used when taking care of our garden.

The fruits (and veggies) of our labor are available to any staff member in our office in exchange for a nonperishable food item that we donate to the local pantry in our community.

K-Cup Recycling

Like many offices, our staff runs on caffeine, using our Keurig Machines each day. Rather than putting the K-Cups in the trash we recycle them via the folks at Grounds to Grow On. Since November, we have saved 53.2 pounds of material from going to the landfill. By way of Grounds to Grow On, the coffee grounds are turned into compost, while the plastic and foil from the cups are recycled.

Reusable Mugs and Cups

Speaking of filling up- all of our team members (both current and new) receive a TMG branded stainless steel Yeti to fill up with their beverage of choice during the day. We also have coffee mugs for staff and guests so that single use, disposable coffee cups are a thing of the past. Our marketing team loves them even more because along with eliminating waste, they promote the TMG brand to anyone who visits us or sees a team member using the water cups when they aren’t in the office.

On the surface, these might seem like minimal efforts, but all of the little parts contribute directly to the bigger picture and ties directly to the TMG belief that no matter how small or large the gesture, an impact can always be made. TMG is creating stronger communities and human connections to enhance global society. Making the decision to institute changes that have positive impacts on the environment and your community is the first step, regardless of the size of the effort. Together businesses can all make sustainability decisions that go farther than we think.

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