MASAE Association Disrupt – A Follow Up Discussion      

Posted by TMG on March 31, 2016 4:52:00 PM

On March 30, 2016 I had the opportunity to attend the Mid-Atlantic Society of Association Executives new event, Association Disrupt Symposium.  The content for the day was something I had been looking forward to.  Yes, I had a hand in organizing most of the content – but that made it exciting to attend and see the reaction from attendees to the sessions.
The speakers including Mark Sedgley of Memberclicks, Tom Morrison of the Metals Treating Institute, Shelly Alcorn of Alcorn and Associates, JP Guilbault of, and Sue Pine & George Rears of Association Headquarters. The event lived up to its branding – the ideas were disruptive.  From the first minute to the last second – it was clear that the speakers had really taken to heart the goal of the event.
A few things stood out to me.  First, things are speeding up.  Technology is making life faster and data is something that continues to grow.  The amount of data we force into our brains gets bigger every day.  Second, we are getting younger.  The workforce is now a majority Millennials – how does this change how we view/interact with our boards? Our Staff? Third, Culture is important.
Mark Sedgley’s session on Memberclicks culture was fantastic. The way he packaged how they have been able to identify their culture and values was impressive.  The big take away was that this is something we can all do in our organizations.  Relentless commitment to your mission and values, making every decision with mission and values in your mind is a big driver in getting there.
To wrap up the day the wonderful Shelly Alcorn put her own spin on an on the fly keynote.  Sharing her views on the content from the day and also scaring everyone in the room with all the innovations and disruptions coming down the pike.  J
It continues to be grateful for having such a great SAE community.  To have an event like this in our own back yard with speakers from Florida, California and Georgia is something our community should be proud of.  This is the type of content that benefits our local industry and grows the value for those committed to MASAE.

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