My Virtual Internship

Posted by Lauren Schoener-Gaynor on January 18, 2021 10:51:44 PM

The following blog post was written and contributed by TMG Marcomm Intern, Emily Renner. Emily is a Senior at Villanova University. Upon finishing her internship in December 2020, she was asked to stay at TMG, continuing in her position as part of the TMG Marcomm Team.

There is no denying it – 2020 was a year of new experiences for everyone. As we all tried to learn how to expect the unexpected, normal new experiences seemed almost trivial compared to the year we endured. However, as a senior in college trying to grasp onto any sense of normalcy, I’m extremely grateful for my normal new experience of starting an internship at Talley Management Group. 

At first glance, a virtual internship seems to lack many things that would usually make up the full internship experience. However, I would argue that my remote internship with TMG has been one of the most formative, rewarding, and important experiences in my professional career. 

Right away, I was welcomed into the TMG family with open arms. My supervisor sent out an email introducing me to the company, and I was greeted by an influx of welcome responses from TMG team members. Not long after my internship started, I received a package in the mail with TMG-related gifts and a handwritten note welcoming me to the company. As I college senior craving professional experience, I was already thrilled with the simple fact that this internship position was offered to me. I never expected to feel so welcomed and wanted by any company, and I was beaming with excitement as TMG members continuously expressed their excitement about my decision to join the team. 

Working as a remote marketing and communication intern, I was somewhat concerned about my lack of experience with the AMC industry and TMG’s culture, especially in a remote environment. That being said, TMG has gone above and beyond to make my transition into this job role go as smoothly as possible. My supervisor and other TMG members have made it clear that questions are always welcomed and encouraged. I have never been made to feel incompetent when I am unsure of a task, and my supervisor always makes time to hop on a quick video or phone call to clarify objectives and discuss ideas. 

Even though I work from the kitchen table in my off-campus house a few times a week, I have never felt like a stereotypical intern. I have been given tasks and responsibilities that most interns can only dream of, and the continual support and feedback on my work have given me the confidence to push myself further professionallyAdditionally, the remote aspect of this internship has allowed me to attend more client meetings and TMG meetings virtually, providing me with the opportunity to meet and connect with others in a simpleconvenient way. I’ve also been able to work closely with another TMG intern positioned out in California, and I am glad that being remote has allowed for us to meet and work with one another, even though we are on opposite sides of the country.  

This internship continues to engage me every single day. Between the comradery among team members, the effective professional communication styles and the overwhelming displays of support, I am certain that I made the right decision to intern at this company. The normal new experience of this internship has allowed me to grow professionally, academically and personally amidst the current times, and I am so grateful to TMG for this overall opportunity. 



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