Technology? Let’s “Chat-a-bot” It

Posted by TMG on September 17, 2018 10:50:00 AM

At Talley Management Group, we use a Chatbot on our website, allowing us to immediately answer our website visitors in real time. We have seen an increase in site visits, engagement and length of time people stay on our pages. Various polls have indicated that 75% of internet users are adopting one or more messenger platforms, especially since they can now be integrated in platforms like Slack, Facebook Messenger and others, allowing the user to reach a wider audience.

But let’s get back to why they are beneficial.

Chatbots are always “on.” Because the tool is just that-a tool-it never has to go to sleep, take a vacation or go to lunch. With Chatbots, there are no such things as weekends or holidays so regardless of when your visitors are coming to and utilizing your site, they will always be answered. This is especially great for our client partners since we manage associations from not just all over the US, but all over the world. Time zones can significantly delay communication but with the use of a Chatbot, communication keeps moving.

Saves time, money and sanity. Having a Chatbot means that your team can focus on other tasks and only become involved when the individual visiting your site needs “human” help. Businesses find them especially useful when traffic is high and yields a lot of questions that can be answered in seconds whereas if it were being manned by a person, the person would have to stop their current task and address the message that has appeared. Rather than dealing with mundane, easy questions, our team can stick to answering the members and phone calls of our members, planning meetings and the many other things we do that not “any-botty” can do.

The possibilities are endless. As Chatbots become more popular, they are bound to be used for different, personalized things. Because bots are programmable, they can be set to answer commonly asked questions like “Where is this year’s annual meeting?” and to know when it’s time to send in the human to help the member or visitor.

Watch for the latest on the Talley Management Group blog as we are always integrating new tools, apps and devices that help us work more efficiently and effectively for our client partners and their members.

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