The Influence of your Attitude

Posted by TMG on May 3, 2014 3:35:00 AM

I recently saw an article on an industry newsletter that caught my eye.  The original blog posed the question, “Staffing the Association: Employ Staff or Contract with AMC?”  The post gave a great overview of the benefits of partnering with an AMC.  While not going into specifics, it hit the high level benefits that we, as an AMC provide for Associations.  There was a follow up on the subject, addressing a few comments that focused on why employing your own staff is a better option for an association.
The first comment was that AMC staff does not have the same love and care for an association; that they do not develop a close relationship that lets the association know that they are cared for.  Wow!  I would invite this person to take a seat in our staff meetings and see the passion that our team brings to developing lasting relationships with our clients.  In fact, the number one comment we get back from our clients is how much they appreciate the family atmosphere and how our teams truly feel like an extension of the association.  We have stood side by side with several of our clients for over 20 years working hand in hand to grow their association and support their membership.  In fact, even our pricing model is based on our client’s success.
The second comment compares AMC’s to the outsourcing of IT support by a large firm overseas, suggesting that AMC’s are not invested or have a lack of interest in the customer.  This comment could not be further from the truth.  Lack of interest?  We would be out of business if we did not love what we do – growing and supporting our client associations.  We take a vested interest in each of our clients.  We want to reach our client’s goals just as much as they do. In so many ways, their success is our success.
Now this post is not meant to diminish what staff accomplishes, feel and do for their stand alone organizations.  Rather, it is offered to highlight that we as AMCs have the same goals as associations and their staff.  We live and breathe association management; we just spread our knowledge of association management to a wider audience.  Our team is dedicated not only to our clients, but to their own professional growth.  We have over a dozen members of both ASAE (American Society of Association Executives) and MASAE (Mid-Atlantic Society of Association Executives), including one board member of MASAE and multiple committee members.  We have numerous CAEs and CMPs (and even more on the way) that we draw experience and expertise from.
I look at my staff and see how much they invest into their clients.  Come spend a day with us and see just how much love and care we put into what we do.  Every day we live our mission statement: “Creating stronger communities and human connections to advance global society.”   In every way we strive to meet and exceed our core values, which include “Build Strong Connections” and “Serve with Passion and Pride.”  We go much farther than just “association management,” we strive to work side by side with each of our 20+ clients to make a positive impact on society.

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