The Role of Support Staff

Posted by TMG on October 30, 2017 9:13:00 AM

The chief executive requires the support of staff to implement any initiatives requested by the board of directors as effectively and efficiently as possible. Staff report directly to and are managed directly by the chief staff officer, not the Board of Directors. This is a very important distinction as you build your organizational chart and develop appropriate board-staff relationships. This week, we look at the role of that support staff. Where and how they are engaged is important to understanding the dynamics of an association and how they operate. While there are differences in the responsibilities of staff depending on their roles and the needs of the society, this is an overview of that general role.

Staff members contribute in a number of ways, including:
Producing informative reports on which the chief executive relies to prepare his/her reports to the board, and to keep the board abreast of all ongoing issues and affairs.
Gather data so that the board can accurately assess how well an organization is doing.
Support the work of the board and committees.
Management of society programs i.e. education, conferences, publications, etc…
Customer/Membership Services for the society.
Development and implementation of new programs.
An association could not exist without its three pillars; a board of directors is at the helm, ensuring that the association’s mission is being fulfilled through programs and initiatives, and that there are adequate funds and, above all, talent in place to execute these initiatives. By understanding the roles of a board of directors, chief executive and support staff, each entity can effectively fulfill its responsibilities while working together as a team for the organization’s continued growth and success. Understanding these roles and responsibilities ensure a healthy organization and ensures that appropriate working relationships between the different cohorts involved.
A successful society is one that manages its resources effectively and that includes it’s staff.  By employing the right support staff or management company to manage it’s operations and programs, the board of directors is better able to focus on the strategic needs of the society.  Having clear roles and responsibilities as we have spoken inearlier posts is also essential in ensuring the board is set up for success and their focus is where it should best for long term success of the society.

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