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Posted by TMG on February 14, 2019 1:54:00 PM

With over 30 years in the Association/Event management industry, Gregg Talley brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Talley Management Group, Inc. (TMG) which he founded with his partner and father Robert K. Talley. Gregg’s repertoire also includes consulting with nations in developing business events strategies. His contributions to the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) as past Chair, to the Association Management Company Institute (AMCI) as past officer and his current Board Member duties for the Meetings Management Sector of the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) highlights Gregg as one of the most sought-after experts in the industry.

In between speaking engagements and consulting with organizations, Gregg shared some of his inspiration journey with Jennifer Nnamani of Marketing Challenges International (MCInt.).

JN: As a Board Member of ICCA’s Meetings Management Sector, what are some of the strategies that you’re implementing?

GT: Well, first let me say that my work as Co -Chair of the ICCA Meetings Management Sector is done in conjunction with a colleague Co-Chair. So we jointly work with our members to develop programming that is relevant for them while engaging in dialogue about ICCA Board strategies. In that vein, we had some dynamic speakers on Value Based Pricing and its applicability to the PCO model. In addition, we have been discussing ideas on how ICCA can more effectively engage with association executives while providing even greater value to members in all sectors.

JN: What global legacies or impact is Talley Management creating?

GT: The legacy that I am most proud of is our work in Africa, specifically with the launch and growth of the African Society of Association Executives. There is amazing work being done by our colleagues on the continent. Connecting them to each other and then to the wider global network of professionals while creating opportunities for sharing and learning has been incredibly rewarding and meaningful. But for any of us working in the association world – our organizations and the accomplishment of their visions and missions leaves amazing legacies all over the world.

JN: What are some of your predictions for the meetings and events industry?

GT: Wow, no pressure! I am bullish on the face to face event industry. That human to human element can never be replaced to inspire, connect, and really understand each other. How we best do this across cultures, generations and communication/learning styles while being as inclusive as possible is still a work in progress and technology is a great tool in this effort. Events around us will continue to challenge the industry with changing business models, political and security “shocks” and various economic challenges. We have to make the best decisions for each client/event based on the audience and the desired outcomes. That may start to dictate some radical changes in our practices – from contracting and room blocks to tighter, better programming with more active co-creation, collaborations and “festivalization” within our events. More than ever, the pressure is on to make your event the “can’t miss event” in your respective space. Finally, I firmly believe that with the world getting ever smaller, we should all be doing global events. People to people contact and understanding can do far more to solve our problems than many of our “so called Leaders”.

JN: What advice would you provide to our readers?

GT: Stay curious, travel the world, engage and read widely, give back, mentor the next generations, keep learning, be authentic and have fun!

In addition, Gregg lives a bi-cultural life with his Kenyan partner, Paul, and fourteen nieces and nephews in Kenya.

Note: This blog was originally written and posted by  Jennifer Nnamani on February 13, 2019 and featured on the Marketing Challenges International (MCInt) website.

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