TMG COVID-19 Response

Posted by Lauren Schoener-Gaynor on March 13, 2020 2:57:10 PM

Re: TMG COVID-19 Response

Dear TMG Client Partners,

As we have continued to watch the developments of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are preparing our team for disruption to our regular work environment. We believe that we must be part of the solution that helps narrow the impact of this virus and to begin to heed the advice of the country’s leading experts on the mater. That advice is to practice social distancing and to avoid massive crowds of people. This effort will help slow the spread of the virus and assist in not overwhelming our healthcare system. This step helps ensure the safety and health of our team and their families.

As part of that response, TMG will be allowing our team to work from home from March 17 to March 19. This effort is a short trial window for us to test the systems and processes we have in place. While there is not a government directive to work from home, we believe that it could be eventually issued. Now is the time for us to prepare our team and systems for the possibility of an extended period of work from home.

How will this work? First, all of TMG’s systems are cloud-based. Access to files, phone system, and database systems are all done in the cloud securely. Second, we have verified equipment and access needs with each individual. We have also ensured that the office will remain open for those that must work in the office. Action plans for each team have been developed to ensure communication and collaboration during this period.

Our operations team has a process and plan in place to continue normal mail operations, processing of checks, and other activities that must be performed in the office. We believe there will be no material impact on our services during this period.

As we put this plan in place, we want to assure you that we anticipate no impact on delivering service to you and your members. Our teams are accustomed to working remotely or while traveling. Our goal is that you and your members do not notice any change during this period.

As a service provider to over 30 associations, we also want to assure you that we are in communication with key vendors and suppliers, ranging from insurance carriers, legal counsel, and hotels. We are focusing on what the key issues are and opportunities to mitigate both major and minor impacts caused by this pandemic. At TMG, we are keeping these areas top of mind while we continue normal operations for our partners.

This is an extraordinary time and one that will continue to be complicated. Our teams are working tirelessly to address the impacts of this on our client partner’s events and programs. Being a steadfast partner has always been a hallmark of our service. It will continue to be through this challenging period.


Thank you,

Joe Sapp, CAE
Chief Operating Officer

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