When It’s Not Business As Usual

Posted by Joseph Sapp on April 8, 2020 4:37:03 PM

Over the last several weeks, we have seen a constant stream of information about the COVID-19 pandemic. If your inbox is anything like mine, it’s been a continuous stream of vendors and partners sending resources and letting you know that they are keeping things moving – just from home. I am writing this from my home office. I have also been the author of several of those types of emails to our client partners.

As we head farther into the unknown, what was the new normal is becoming more regular. But business is anything but usual. As a company, we were already leveraging all the technology we needed to go virtual and work from home. From Zoom to the suite of Microsoft products such as Teams and SharePoint – we were already using it. Our routines have changed and so has the way we interact. Instead of a walk down the hallway, it’s now a Teams chat or video call.

The impacts this pandemic has had on our business and the business of our association client partners continues to be assessed. Business events are canceled and postponed, creating a ripple effect across industries. Those ripples continue to go farther into the future as we are left grappling with how far into the future we can plan now? Our eagerness to get back to the old normal is often creating a blind spot of how we can take advantage of the new normal to continue to advance our respective missions.

For our team, keeping communication flowing and transparency in how we are addressing the known and unknown is our first priority. As we hear news reports about the collective “us” being in this together as a community, our company is in this together as well. We are all facing unique circumstances, from childcare to our home office environment to playing the dual role of full-time TMG employee and teacher. Using technology, we have helped us connect in new ways and share our stories internally. This has allowed us to address large and small problems during this challenging period.

While we may continue to hear that it’s “business as usual,” we know it’s not, but rest assured, TMG is ready for whatever this normal is. As a company, a community and as a country – we are resilient and will continue to adapt to ensure the health, safety and success of our company and client partners.

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