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Posted by TMG on July 18, 2019 12:07:23 PM

Talley Management Group, Inc. (TMG), a leading association management company creating stronger communities and human connections to enhance global society for over three decades, announces its welcoming of new client partner, the National Council on Measurement in Education® (NCME) a professional organization for individuals involved in assessment, evaluation, testing and other aspects of educational measurement.  

For several years, Talley Management Group has offered educational organizations like NCME varying services from full-service management to meetings and events oversight to consulting services such as marketing, accounting and IT,” said TMG President Gregg Talley, FASAE, CAE. “As a Group, our background and expertise has allowed us to provide the tools needed to meet the goals set by the respective organization’s leadership and we are excited to add NCME to this list.” 

NCME, a recognized authority in measurement in education, was founded in 1938 and to date is composed of 1,400 members. NCME members are actively involved in the construction and use of standardized tests, new form assessment including performance-based assessment, program design and program evaluation. The Council’s current objective is to advance educational measurement sciences and practices as well as increase NCME’s influence within the community to ensure sound and ethical scholarly development.  

NCME members include university faculty; test developers; state and federal testing and research directors; professional evaluators; testing specialists in business, industry, education, community programs and other professions; licensure, certification and credentialing professionals; graduate students from educational, psychological and other measurement programs; and others involved in testing issues and practices. 

During the past 20 years, the NCME membership has become more diverse, broadening the scope of the organization’s vision. Service to communities and ensuring that assessment is fair and equitable for all students have become essential elements of NCME’s Mission and Purposes. 

TMG’s global experience coupled with the local connections of its two business partners- Vraata in India and AFAMCO in Africa, continues to help nonprofit associations reach their full potential on a global level.  

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About the National Council on Measurement in Education® (NCME)
The National Council on Measurement in Education® (NCME) is a nonprofit organization that exists to encourage scholarly development in educational measurement, disseminate knowledge about educational measurement and influence public policies concerning educational measurement. NCME strives to promote awareness of measurement in education as a field of study to encourage entry into the field and interdisciplinary collaboration as well as provide members with a strong professional identity and intellectual home in educational measurement to enhance the value of membership in NCME. Founded in 1938, the Council currently consists of 1,400 members including university faculty; test developers; state and federal testing and research directors; professional evaluators; testing specialists in business, industry, education, community programs, and other professions including but not limited to licensure, certification, credentialing professionals and graduate students. For more information on the Council, its events and membership, visit 

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