To Blog or Not to Blog…

Posted by TMG on October 11, 2012 4:05:00 AM

As our company grows and innovates to stay current with our client’s needs, as well as for our own corporate success, so must each and every individual staff innovate and evolve.  Some of the first questions we ask each client: are they on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook?  Do they blog?  Further, how are they leveraging new media to reach out to their constituents?  We recognize the importance of this wide open communication model to each of our clients and so why not ourselves?
I too have been charged to blog more—well, to actually begin to blog…   For some this is very easy indeed and some see this as a hurdle they are not sure they can leap.  I marvel at those that have the ability to put everything in their blog as easily as riding a bike, or browsing with their iPad.  I do not find it easy even though it may seem to those that know me that I have plenty to say…  I was sitting in a client board meeting as they were discussing this very topic.  It really turned into an exercise on how to avoid the responsibility to write anything; whether it is a Facebook post, a tweet, or a blog post on their website.  It seemed as though I was listening to my own thoughts.
It occurred to me that I my first endeavor into blogging may be easier than I imagined, why not start it off by talking about my inability to blog, tweet or otherwise communicate in the way the Generation Y or the Millennial’s finds so easy and at times necessary.  Is my reluctance generational?  Genetic?  Perhaps I am just not as much of an extrovert online as I am in person.  What is clear is that the younger generations are raised online.  You cannot go a day without seeing someone head down, buried in a smart phone checking out what happened on Facebook over the last 30 minutes.
Though, it has been comforting to some degree that I sit in a room of people that are closer to my age than my sons’ and see they have the same lack of confidence to write something meaningful as I.  Of course, everyone has assured me that a blog does not necessarily need to be a treatise or the most enlightening of documents—WHEW!  We have also been told that blogging needs time to develop, for you to find your niche, and one mustn’t expect overnight success or even success at all, but that would be nice wouldn’t it?
So, as you might have guessed—this is a first step for me and hope you are kind in your acceptance.

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